All Facebook posts should have a link to your website!

We know that back links to our website are important to increase search rankings, so isn’t it important to have a link on every post you make on Facebook?

This of course is only valuable if you are using facebook for business and are sharing information that is valuable to people on how you and your business can help. You may not want to have a link on a post that is directed to let’s say “uncle Bob”.

It is important to understand that any links to your site that are on any other website(back link) is a Search Engine Optimization – SEO strategy that increases the value of your site on search engines. If the site that links to your site is a high profile site like wikipedia or .gov and .edu sites, then the value of that back link increases tenfold. Social media sites have gained quite a bit of strength in value for search engines over the years and will continue to increase the SEO value of all back links on your posts.

Remember, keep your business facebook posts relevant to the content on the page of your site that it links to to get the best effect of your page’s keywords.

There are many ways to increase your search ranking, and this is just one.

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