Custom Name Plates – Show the Way!

name platesDoor name plates, desk plates and door plates are a perfect way to identify employees in an office environment and also to direct people effectively. They can be used to label filing cabinets and organize shelf space. In fact any time you need to display information on a wall, a desk, or door, name plates are a cost effective and versatile solution.

We have a name plate size to fit your function perfectly. Name plates are made of a thick plastic and the most common sizes are 1” x 3”, 2” x 6” and 2″ x 8″. We also can custom make any size name plate to accommodate a custom location.

You deserve the best from your name plates. Name plates are manufactured with a high quality engraved process and come in a wide variety of colour combinations. The engraved finish is very strong and durable and can last for years.

Wherever you need your name plate we have a mounting solution. Gold, silver and black name plate holders are available for desk signs and for wall signs that make changing signs easy and they also give them the finishing touch. Velcro and two way tape are other mounting options for unique applications.


Name plates are a cost effective way to keep your company organized, with offices and areas well identified. Just think of all the uses in the warehouse.

Have Gage produce high quality name plates for your business today!

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