How do you optimize your website links on LinkedIn?

We know that back links to our website are important to increase search rankings, but did you know they need to be done a certain way to be the most beneficial for optimization?

Any back links you have on other sites should be done with anchor text coding to maximize the effectiveness of the keyword(s) on the page it links to.

LinkedIn provides a similar keyword rich back link in your profile options.

In your LinkedIn profile, click the edit button beside where your website(s) is listed and you will be directed to another window that is “additional information”. Choose the type of website as “other” and then type in the keyword(s) to the right, and then the URL of the landing page on your website that coincides with the same keyword(s).

This will create a valuable back link from a highly ranked website using your keyword(s). When someone views your profile they will see the keyword(s) that you specialize in and if clicked it will direct them to the exact page on your website they are looking for.

There are many ways to increase your search ranking, and this is just one.

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