In 1977, my father Bill Gage started the business that is now known as Gage Business Communication Inc. Dad started the business in the family home’s garage with an old platen press, made of cast iron that literally weighed a ton. He had drawers and drawers of metal type that he would assemble letter by letter to form the content of what he was printing. The press was operated by an electric motor, but once it was up to speed you had to work quickly to insert the paper – and remove it before losing any fingers. The whole process was labour intensive and sometimes dangerous, but my father loved the art and craftsmanship of printing. It gave him a feeling of accomplishment that he could take something from nothing to a finished piece of communication that could last a lifetime.

Gage Marking Products – Bill Gage, Founder






A couple of years later, dad moved into Barrie and again set up shop in the family home, this time in the basement. The move included transporting the cast iron press and as you can see in the picture below, dad hired a tow truck to get it from Guthrie in Oro Township to Cundles Road in Barrie. Let’s see someone do that today!






Dad always thought that if there was a will, there was a way. I’m sure that trait is how he got in business in the first place and how he made it a success. I am happy to say that Bill Gage is in his 93rd year and doing well, and still has all his fingers.

Please stay tuned for more of the Gage history as we celebrate 40 years of contributing to our clients success.

We Gage our success by your success!

Stephen Gage
Gage Business Communication Inc.