With the new smart phones and digital media do we still need a business card?

The most important thing to realize with the use of modern digital communication is that it is often lacking the personality of the person you are communicating with and in turn difficulty in having your personality and professionalism show through.

In a networking setting or meeting someone in business for the first time, are we really going to get to the point where we each bring out our smart phones and record the persons contact information? I don’t think so.

A business card shows the personality of that person the same way as the way they dress characterizes their personality.

After a networking event you may leave with a pile of business cards from people you have met. How do you remember which people you wanted to contact? You get back to your office and go through them and organize them into piles of priority. One thing for sure is that the quality business card always gets into the high priority pile.

You need a professionally designed business card. Nothing leaves a lasting first impression like a high quality business card.

At GAGE, we give you that first great impression. Contact us and we will show you how.