What to look for in the name would be of course your business name, but also the type of product or service you offer may be part of it, and if you are doing local business, the geographical location of your market.

What domain name extension is best? – .com – .ca – .biz – .org ?

If possible, I recommend having a .com as your domain name as search engines value it more than because it is the oldest and the most trusted. The only problem is that most .com names are taken already. If you find a .ca domain and it is available, check to see if the .com name is available. If it is taken, check to make sure there will be no competition if you want to use the .ca name. You wouldn’t want to confuse your visitors. Do a lot of research. Make sure you get the best name you can. When you select your domain name it will likely be forever. You can then purchase other extensions of the same name or similar names. Domain names only cost about 10 dollars each per year, so you can buy as many as possible then link them all to your published name.

So where do you look to see if what names are available? All you need to do is search WHOIS domain look-up. There are resources that will allow you to search different names and name extensions.

One more thing for the domain name you purchase, renew the name for a long period of time, 3 yr, 5 yr or even a 10 yr. term. The longer the term the more search engines value it because search engines know it will be used for a long time.

Are you still confused about which domain name would be best for your business? Contact me and I can help you find the best one.

Stephen Gage

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