You need a great advertising piece!

Whatever it is you are advertising and wherever you are advertising it, you just need to follow this easy – 5 step writing process to attract readers. Use this structure for print advertising, websites, online marketing, blogs, social media, and any other advertising you use to sell your products and services. It works – and it makes writing your content easier.

1. A Killer Headline – Grab the reader’s attention. Create emotion. Use words like what, where, when, how, why? Use enticing statistics.

2. Identify a problem – Focus on your ideal client. What issues are they experiencing? What challenges do they want to overcome? Why are they having this problem?

3. Provide a solution – Show your expertise. What process do you use? How do you fix their problem? How do you differ from your competitors?

4. Proof – Explain when you solved the same problem. Provide a testimonial from a satisfied client. Tell a story where you helped a client. Outline your guarantee.

5. Call to Action – Create emotion. Use a limited time offer. Offer a bonus for acting now. Create a sense of urgency.

Here’s an example:

How Well Is Your Business Card Performing?

Does your business card reflect you and your business as the expert you are?

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